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If you lose your stuff at this airport, this dog will bring it back to you

[video] [h/t: digg]

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Anonymous asked: hey :) I made a video montage of babytard and princesstard singing and talking about taylor swift, in hopes of taylor swift seeing the video and meeting the girls! Please can you share this video so Taylor can find & hopefully see it! It's called 'Taylor Swift meet Princesstard and Babytard (SHAYTARDS)' as I can't post the url on tumblr. thanks so much x


Sure :) It would be so awesome if they got to meet her!! :D
I’m guessing this is the video :)

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So I didn’t make any official statement about Sam Pepper until today because I had a feeling that he was up to what I refer to as “shenanigans.” I figured that if I posted something and then he threw a curve ball, it would make whatever I said feel empty because it would have been condemning him…

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